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We at PUSCII do not like capitalist pigs or governments. 
We especially do not like them peeking in our data. 
Therefor, you will be redirected to an encrypted connection.
But beware! The capitalist pigs will try to trick you! 
Basically, because we haven't paid our protection money to the Certificate Authority mob, you're very likely to get a big fat warning complaining how we can't be trusted. 
Long stories on CA's, SSL, Webs of trust and more blablabla have been written elsewhere, but really you have three options:

I don't give a fuck

CACert seems nice, I'll trust them

Reject all authority!

Fair enough, click your way through the warnings and have a nice life! The PUSCII certificate has been signed by CACert, a non-commercial self-proclaimed authority. To make all the warnings go away, you can tell your browser to trust CACert: here's how to do so!
We think of CACert much like the communist party, they seem to be fighting the capitalist pigs, but really the whole system is fucked.
Excellent! You may now enter complete paranoid mode and contact us, preferably face to face, to verify the certificate fingerprint (assuming you use firefox or iceweasel, click on add exception, then get certificate and then view). If you don't know who we are, what makes you think you can trust us?